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Kelly Fielder

Kelly Fielder is yet another Canadian mining investor who has fallen foul of the law. In October 2012, he was arrested by the British Colombia Securities Commission (BCSC) and the Vancouver Police Department and charged with fraud and theft.

Allegedly, he defrauded an investor by claiming to be raising money for a capital pool company, then failing to use it for the stated purpose.

According to the BCSC, Fielder allegedly took over $100,000 from a man called Robert Davidson, although at least two investors had previously sued him for money they invested with his companies.

In recent years, Mr. Fielder has been associated with a number of TSX Venture Exchange companies and OTC-BB (Over the Counter bulletin board) listings. His current directorships include a position on the board of Elcora Resources Corp., a TSX-V shell that "plans to acquire an interest in a gold property in Ontario".

Canada's Streetwire says that Fielder "also appears to have some affiliation with Vancouver promoter Walter Berukoff" and Berukoff's private holding company, Red Lion Management Ltd.

Fielder has denied the charges laid against him [Streetwire, 26 October 2012].