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From Money to Metal

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Tracking Global Mining Deals

Update 19 October 2015: We're pleased to announce that, after a hiatus of some months, it has been possible to recommence updating the database on this site, thanks to the generosity of The Marmot Trust, based in Bristol, the UK.

This will enable the contribution of new material, and discussion of mining-directed financing, until well into 2016.

Launched in late 2007, “From Money to Metals” gathers together disparate data on institutions (both commercial and private) which aim to profit from mineral extraction and processing. The database examines the background, investment and management strategies of some 900 banks, private funders, insurance companies, hedge funds and private equity firms, as well as some individuals, that have provided financial stimulus to numerous mining companies.

  • For an analysis of recent developments relating to mining finance, please read the Introduction
  • For a summary of mining industry developments in the years leading up to the 2008 financial crash, see Mining the Money.
  • The Glossary helps explain technical terms, abbreviations and acronyms used in the main text.
  • To find some key sources of the information relied upon, see Sources.
  • To help you in a more structured information search, you can also look in Categories and Search.
  • And, if you want to see the latest updates, use the list of recent changes.

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