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African Lion Ltd

African Lion Ltd
Based in Melbourne
Active in DR Congo, Morocco, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Mauritania
Targeted base metals, precious metals

African Lion Ltd started life as an unlisted mining venture capital fund, based in Melbourne Australia, with a modest initial capital (US$33.75 million) invested in 15 companies. As of July 2009 it held 16.08% of Albidon Ltd (a UK-listed nickel and platinum group metals, operating in Zambia, Botswana and Tanzania) [Hemscott 12 February 2009], which almost collapsed following the toppling of nickel prices.

Earlier it held:

  • 32.5 % of Copperbelt Selection NL (Zambia)
  • 7% of Platmin Ltd, (South Africa)
  • 2.4% of Sphere Investments (iron ore Mauritania)
  • 2.6% of Shield Mining (Mauritania)

(See also: CDC Group PLC, EIB, Investec, Proparco, First Rand Bank)

According to UK satirical magazine, Private Eye, in 2009 African Lion also had investments in Guernsey-registered, African Energy Resources, which has a uranium prospect in Zambia, and was looking for opportunities in India [Private Eye, 2 October 2009].

The man behind African Lion, geologist Robin Widdup, founded the Lion Selection Group in 1997, out of which came Africa Lion Funds (neatly classifed as ALF, ALF 2 and ALF 3) as well as the Asian Lion Fund [see Lion Selection Group Ltd].