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A data base/Help

The "Semantic search" page, which can be found at Special:Ask, provides an interface that assists you with creating and executing complex search queries.

Query construction

On the top of the page there are two text area fields. The first one, titled 'Query', is meant for the portion of the query for selecting pages. The second one, titled 'Additional data to display', is meant to hold the set of properties that are displayed for each queried page. This field is optional.

Running the query

You can run the query by hitting the 'find results' button in the lower left corner of the page, after which the results will be shown.


1. Write your search query in the left box, titled 'Query'. Write your query as follows:

[[Active in::Australia]]

This query will list you all mining funders that are active in Australia. Other querys that you can use are e.g. [[Based in::United Kingdom]] or [[Targeted::precious metals]].

You can add as many conditions as you want. Write each condition in a new line. E.g. this query:

[[Based in::United Kingdom]]
[[Active in::South Africa]]
[[Targeted::energy fuels]]

will list you all mining funders that are based in the UK AND active in South Africa AND target energy fuels.

2. The right hand "Additional printouts" box is optional. It can be used to display additional colums on your list of results. Use a new line for every property you want to display. Each property should be prepended with a question mark.

E.g. putting

[[Active in::Australia]]

in the left query box and

?Based in

in the right Additional printouts box will list all mining funders that are active in Australia and additionally dislplay where they are based and show their targets.